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Hi! I'm Mummy Clever Doc

My life in order of priority is as follows:- 

Mother to 4 year old Alyvia and 3 year old Sophia

Married to @ Cleverdoc - a doctor in the surgical field

I am a doctor specialising in cardiology, working part time and constantly juggling!

Though if you asked my husband, he would say I put him last and my career first!!!

Our family of 4 live in North London where we have been living for 3 years now. I have always been career-driven and absolutely love my intense, fast-paced job. I think it prepared me for motherhood! Dealing with 2 children under 3 makes managing a cardiac arrest look easy! At least I'm in control during the cardiac arrest!

Our household is the chaotic, loud and disorganised one that you would expect it to be. I don't write for any magazines but my husband says I always have a lot to say so suggested I put it all into a 'useful' blog so that he doesn't have to listen to it. 

Having read other mummy blogs, I found that I could offer families medical-related content along with my perspective. 

I hope you enjoy what you read!

Speak to you soon




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