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Let's take a minute...

As I woke up this morning with a slobbery kiss from Alyvia and an unintentional boob-grab from Sophia, I thought…here we go again!

The rain was pouring down and I just wanted to go back to sleep!

But as I ate my cold toast and tea and listened to the sisters amusing each other with their funny faces, I suddenly couldn’t believe that in 2 years, my life had changed so dramatically!

These 2 little girls in front of me were mine!!! I ‘baked’ them for 9 months, gave birth to them and watched them learn to smile, roll over, sit up, crawl and eat for the first time. Every hug was a display of their unconditional love for me and every glance at me brought comfort into their eyes. I was their everything (for now!) and I felt SO lucky to be a mother, their mother. We had a special bond that no one else could ever interfere with or match.

While I yearn to protect them, shelter them and cushion their falls throughout life, I know that these early years will always be the most sacred. The foundations for which they will make their decisions in life are solidified over these years. I only hope they become the best humans they can be, be there for each other through life’s great obstacles and eventually experience motherhood themselves.

So on this birthday, I look at these 2 little girls in front of me and am so grateful for what they have already taught me about myself. I am whole-heartedly consumed in this role of ‘mummy’ and love it to no end.

Fellow mummies and daddies, we are lucky to have experienced true love in this form and when things get a little frustrating, tiring, annoying, relentless…stop what you are doing and reflect on where you and your children have come. I am sure the journey you have started is like no other and that you would not change one thing.

With that thought, I put my phone down, bury my face in their little bodies and allow them to engulf me with their giggles, saliva and vomit.

‘Happy Birthday!!!’ I say to myself.




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